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Thread: Front mount = no more fog lights?

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    Front mount = no more fog lights?

    ....any way i can keep the fog lights

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    You have to run custom tubes to get in around them from what I've read. I don't know for sure though.
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    i believe there is a kit to keep the stock Fogs in place but non operational.

    it could be possible to make them work, but you might need different piping.

    JHM is the one that has a nice front mount, but they dont say anything about working fogs. :S

    its possible but you will have to figure it out when you setup the kit.
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    from what I heard the new jhm kit allows you to keep the fogs. I just bought the cx racing core which is the same one that jhm uses and had my piping custom made so they work.
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    Honestly the best way to go if you want a front mount is to get the cx racing core off ebay and have an exhaust shop custom make you pipes. Way easier and cheaper to do.
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    2002 audi TT 225hp quattro

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